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Servus and Grüß Gott in Austria …

My name is Gerlinde and I am pleased to introduce you to My Austria.
I am a creative person, open and with many interests, I love stories of history and traveling.

I can safely call myself a cosmopolitan and a citizen of the world. In addition to traveling and staying on all five continents, I have lived and worked in Paris, London and Rome. The charm of discovering new things, experiencing the perspective of other people, leaving the small world of everyday life.

After graduating from fashion school, my professional career as a master tailor led me to work at the regional theatre in Salzburg, where my passion for historical costumes found fertile ground. But I wanted more. I took my bags and with my young free spirit I went to discover the world of Haute Couture in Paris and London. In Rome / Italy, where I worked as a freelance costume designer mainly for film, television and theatre productions, I spent 10 years and Italian became my second mother tongue.

Back in Austria, now married to my dear Maurizio from Rome, I was looking for a new challenge. This time my learned job led me to the manufacture of traditional costumes.
Studying the traditional clothes and born in me the desire to discover and understand more of those times.

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So I completed a one and a half year training course as a tour guide at the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce, with a complete school program, such as history, art history, ecclesiastical history, literature, music history, folklore, customs and history of Judaism, Social History and more.

festung hohensalzburg

Traveling through the history of Austria

I invite you to join me on a journey, through the roots of Austrian history rich in wars, international intrigues and stories unknown to the general public. Crazy, picturesque places full of stories and legends – Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, the Salzkammergut and the Obersalzberg. Each of these places has exciting stories to tell, which are written in big and boring history books that I will tell you confidentially.

Why was the executioner of Salzburg the godfather of the writer of the most famous Christmas song in the world?
Hasn’t the celibate prince-bishops been denied a blessing for Children?
To what extent could women of that time influence the patriarchal world?

I will give you a vision of what the medieval world was like of the citizens and craftsmen, women and children of those times. Religious persecution and the burning of witches were the order of the day when it came to strengthen the power of their respective rulers. The meaning of tradition and customs is still founded in the life of Austrian society. The Dirndl or Lederhosen (traditional dress and culottes) are part of the living culture in Austria, especially in the alpine regions. This contrast between lived old traditions and modern society makes Austria a unique country.

Wolfgangsee Salzkammergut

A look at the majestic mountains of the Alps makes you want to get closer to the highest Austrian mountain, the Grossglockner (3798 m), to immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape of the Salzkammergut lakes, which includes more than 70 lakes immersed in a truly imperial mountain. Culinary, art and culture.
Isn‘t it interesting to know what was eaten and drunk in Mozart’s time, or what did citizens and nobility do in their spare time without TV or smartphone?
The salt mine of Hallstatt, with its 7000 years of history, makes it the oldest salt mine in the world. Salt was almost more precious than Gold for 1100 years and helped a small country like Salzburg to an incredible wealth.
A culture of over 5,800 years located in the depths of the Mondsee.

Historical gossip, legends and trivia – everything you’ve ever known or did not want to know, entertaining, authentic and told with enthusiasm.

Accompany me through my beautiful country of Austria and embark on a journey through time with me.
It is important for me to tell these stories in authentic motion to inspire people who are thirsty for knowledge.

I cannot wait to meet you.

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